The purpose of the gradation lamp is to prevent paper jams. The changing color of the lamp indicates the amount of paper the shredder is being fed. The lamp will change from green to yellow to orange to red depending on the amount of paper is being fed into the shredder.


The MSD-F31GPV MSD-F31GPVII has been designed with maintenance in mind. To eliminate the necessity of transporting shredders to a maintenance facility for repairs, the Easy Repair Unit will allow for on-the-spot spiral cutter replacement. Reducing repair cost and shredder down time.

Cutting Method

Ideal for shredding large amounts of papers with a powerful but energy efficient motor. Depending on the amount of papers, this particular cutting unit will also compress the shredded particles during the cutting process. Therefore, the compressed shredded particles will take up less space in the waste bin.

Small shred size and high shred capacity may seem impossible but Meiko Shokai’s spiral cutting unit has done it! Through a quiet 2 stage cutting process, small “chip” particles and high shred capacity has been accomplished.

If excellent cost performance is what you are looking for , the cross cut is a 1 step cutting process that cuts lengthwise and widthwise almost simultaneously. Meiko Shokai’s high security 1mm x 5mm shredder utilizes the cross cut unit with excellent results.

The straight cut method is a simple cutter system. Although a low security method, straight cut shredders can be durable and shred large volumes .

Motor and Power

Motor Control

A motor control unit within the shredder judges the amount of paper fed into the machine, determining the revolving speed of the motor. Controlling the revolving speed allows for efficient smooth processing.

Depending on the number of sheets inserted, the shredder will respond accordingly and only consume the required amount of electrical power to complete the task. Due to this feature, power consumption is far less than the conventional paper shredder.

Safety Functions

A safety "flap" is incorporated into the feed opening for paper feeding overload protection. If jamming occurs in the cutting unit, the flap will allow the feed opening to widen for easy removal of the jammed paper. While the flap is open the shredder will not be operable, improving safety.

Shredders capable of shredding media have a feed opening safety cover. The purpose of the safety cover is to prevent fragments of shredded materials from exiting the feed opening during shredding.

Earthquake Adjusters

Due to paper shredders having a high center of gravity , these adjusters assist with keeping the shredder stable during possible earthquakes. After selecting a location for your shredder, be sure to lower the adjusters for added stability. (available only on select models)

Particle Distribution

Through vibration, shred particles are distributed throughout the waste bin.

Utilizing a "fan" , shred particles are distributed throughout the waste bin.

This particular press utilizes a "rolling" or "rowing" motion to distribute the shred particles throughout the waste bin.

This method of particle distribution utilizes paddles in a revolving "rolling" motion to distribute and level shred particles throughout the waste bin.

Sorting Shredded Particles

Depending the model of the MS Shredder, there are two methods of sorting shredded media and paper particles:

1.) MS Shredders with separate feed openings for media and paper.

This type of shredder will have separate waste bins side by side.

2.) MS Shredders with one feed opening for both media and paper.

Since paper shredding and media shredding are conducted through the same feed opening, to separate the shredded particles the waste bin will have to be switch. The waste bins are stacked inside the shredder cabinet and can be easily switched (re-stacked) depending on the material the operator desires to shred.

Waste Bin Accessibility


Our desk side shredders are designed to be positioned in various areas of your office. For easy access, the 3 door design allows for the waste bin to be removed from the front or side of the shredder.

Universal Function

Control Panel

The stop button on Meiko Shokai shredders are designed larger than the start button so it can be easily recognizable and pushed.

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