Company History

1959 JUNE Company was established.
1960 JANUARY Sales of MS shredders launched.
1975 JULY Sales of MS Laminates (now known as MS pouch) launched.
1976 MAY Sales of MSO-I systems (large-scale processing shredding system) commenced.
1979 AUGUST Sales of MS Letapet envelope openers launched.
1981 DECEMBER Head office building is relocated to its present address of 1-1 Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku.
1987 JANUARY Sales of the MS voice call (audio reception sequential display system) commenced.
APRIL Information and telecommunications enterprises, such as expanded area telephone services, launched.
NOVEMBER Sales of MSQ systems (reception sequential control and display systems categorized by service counter) commenced.
1989 DECEMBER Stocks were put up for public purchase. Registered as a corporate entity with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
OCTOBER The MS pouch HB-320 was selected for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Good Design Award.
1990 SEPTEMBER Sales of MS voice call R (new type of MS voice call) launched.
OCTOBER The MS pouch HB-230 was selected for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Good Design Award.
1991 MARCH Awarded with the Chairperson’s award from the Clean Japan Center Foundation for its work in improving efforts to recycle resources.
1992 FEBRUARY Sales of MSX-2020 (automatic system shredder) launched.
OCTOBER The MSX-2020 is selected for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Good Design Award.
1993 AUGUST Business activities are launched for the MS recycle system (Complete recycling system for unneeded documentation).
1995 APRIL Sales of household MS shredder commenced.
1996 AUGUST Sales of MS recycle shredders (1t/h whole-box shredding system) launched.
OCTOBER Awarded with the Chairperson’s award from the Recycling promotion council for its work in improving recycling efforts.
1997 FEBRUARY Sales commenced of the MS shredder 431MA-FP (Fan-press type).
OCTOBER Received the award for contributions in the stationary industry from the All-Japan Stationary and Office Goods Alliance.
1998 JULY Sales of the MS Hello Kitty series (MS shredder, MS pouch, MS envelope opener) commenced.
SEPTEMBER Sales of the large-scale shredders MAC-500P (pulverized), MSS-200P (tornado type), and the MSX-3000 (Fully automatic) launched.
DECEMBER Awarded with the Ministry of the Environment’s "1998 Minister’s commendation for activities to prevent global warming."
2000 JANUARY Sales of a new brand (MSX2000) is launched.
2003 MAY Acquisition of ISO14001.
JULY Sales of the MS shredder V, VS and ID series commenced.
AUGUST Sales of the IT security MS net recorder launched.
2005 NOVEMBER Sales of the large-scale shredder VP-1000 commenced.
2007 MARCH MEBO is carried out for a rebirth of the Meiko Shokai.
APRIL TOB (take-over bid) formation by MSJ Holdings.
SEPTEMBER Formation of stock off. (JASDAQ securities exchange) 
NOVEMBER Sales of Personal authentication (IC) shredder commenced. Sales of MS Voice call commenced.
2008 MARCH The head office is relocated to the present hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. 
APRIL Sales of office personal shredder MSQ series commenced, Publication of "KAERUNNBA" (catalog mail order for offices) No. 1 
JUNE MSJ Holdings and a merger.
2009 JANUARY Sales of MS Voice Call S commenced.
OCTOBER Sales of MS shredder commenced and MS Handy Shredder commenced.
2010 MAY Head office showroom Renewal 
OCTOBER Sales of MS Voice Call next commenced.
2011 JUNE Sales of MS Voice Call Next Jr. commenced and MS Voice Call Next Pharmacy commenced.
2012 JANUARY Sales of all models of shredder in 2012 commenced.
FEBRUARY Service begins for the MS Recycle System Zero
MAY MS POUCH PTC320 sales commences
Sales of the MSO Series industrial shredders begin
SEPTEMBER MS VOICE CALL NEXT Ver. 2012 sales begin
2013 JANUARY Sales of MSS and MSQ Series office personal shredders begin
MS POUCH PHJ330 sales commences
FEBRUARY MSC Series paper destruction machine sales
NOVEMBER MS VOICE CALL NEXT Ver. 2014 sales begin
2014 JANUARY MS POUCH QHE325, QVJ340, THS330 sales commences
DECEMBER MS VOICE CALL NEXT Ver. 2015 sales begin
New MS VOICE CALL M sales commences
2015 JANUARY Office personal Shredder MSP Series sales begin
JUNE The head office is relocated to the present
4-6-1 hatchobori, chuo-ku, Tokyo location
2016 MARCH Office shredder MSX-F75 sales began
OCTOBER Office personal shredders MSR Series sales began
MS POUCH QHS330 sales began
2018 MAY Office shredders Power and Universal Series sales began
2019 JUNE Office shredders Secure Series sales began
2021 AUGUST T SECURE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. stock acquisition (Subsidiary)

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