• Stress zero of waiting time as a target.

    System configuration

    Touch PC / printer / the large-sized display / individual display for indication / PDA operation machine / remote control call machine for a call / touch PC / backyard monitor / various software / option / consumables

    All stress does not exist but rich communication is produced between a visitor and the staff.
    MS voice call arranges apparatus efficiently taking advantage of the cable less. It is combined use with the system which can avoid visitor's stress, and is a solution which revolutionizes the scenery of an old window.

  • The contact information system version for small and middle-scales

    System configuration

    Touch PC / printer / the large-sized display / PDA operation machine / option / consumables

    It realizes low cost and easy installation with window guidance remains. It can introduce into the store of small and middle-scale compactly.

  • The contact information system version for pharmacies

    System configuration

    The printer / a touch-panel monitor / the display / option / consumables

    By easy operation, even delivery is quickly managed from registration of medicine.
    It is not troubled by installation by space-saving, either.

  • Furthermore, the window guidance system born again convenient still more comfortably

    System configuration

    Printer / display for indication / operation machine / option product / consumables

    A printer is preparation about a bright legible liquid crystal touch-panel type and a button switch type with high operability. The contents of a display of a liquid crystal touch panel are customizable according to business. White LED is adopted as a display portion. It became a display gentle to eyes. It unites with office counter work and builds a system with high customer satisfaction.

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